The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

to: C. Tavares Renault



OK…. I “get” why NISSAN is keeping Ghosn I was told that deals were done for Ghosn to go GRACEFULLY so the Japanese could “stay face”.  Having Carlos Tavares “fix” Renault.  I get it!!!

Which is OK with me…? As long as someone contacts me and lets me “move on” with my life.  

Also, I have PROOF that Ghosn closest allies were part of the Renault Spy Scandal.    It’s disgusting how France let it get “covered up”. I started on January 13th and they were VINDICATED of the charges and got their lives back.

The reality of "this blog" is that the problems are BIGGER that what I've been ranting about & that's  wasteful spending of taxpayer money and about fraud in reference to the Leaf. 

This has gone on so long because It’s about National Security & Iran…..  

An Iranian contacted me and told me Because of problems in the Middle East I was told the retaliation I’m receiving is “what’s happening to you is Israel’s fault”… For the record I Sharyn Bovat support Israel.

It was confirmed that Gaddafi had nothing to do with Lockerbie and that “he was the fall guy”.   For the record Gaddafi’s a bad man and hurts people so I’m OK with him taking credit for the plane crash.    

Yet the Good Ole Boys aligned with Ghosn’s executives living in Tennessee didn’t understand why they got the “green light” to harass me and jail me.  The “just did it” they followed BLINDLY.   NISSAN is NOT the CIA or the Military and executives should ask questions BEFORE they do something “not ethical”.    Oliver North is a hero because he followed orders because he was working for the American government and he did what he did for freedom and democracy.  They NISSAN executives that followed blindly did so for “greed” and for personal gain. 

Greg Kelly & Mark Stout lied to protect Ghosn's assests.  They had others like Rob Trayham and Marlin Chapman did the same.  They were not acting on behalf of American they were acting for greed. 

Dominique Thormann liked to be called the General and Brian Carolin was nicknamed the  Prime Minister Vendors told me that Brian had Leaf Marketing "burn money" for they knew they were promoting a car that would NOT truly be "mass market"  Nissan could & still cannot afford to have the Leaf sell in the numbers that Ghosn's people told congress.  The battery is outdated and WILL need to be replaced and NISSAN cannot afford that.  Catherine Perez knowingly wasted Amercian taxpayer money and I would like to see all of them called INMATES. 

Those people and more  perpetuated FRAUD against the American people.

OMG!!!   Do you realize HOW “that” made me feel to be jailed for telling the truth the fact is that Ghosn has been a “prop” for too long and like Gaddafi me must go…. For humanitarian reasons

It looks like this is Ghosn "last" term...  Please...make Respect for ALL People part of YOUR corporate culture.  That includes the American taxpayer.  Also,  I told Carlos Tavares that "if" I did not want get my job I wanted to teach.   I expect someone to assist with "that"  Don’t worry Tennessee I have no desire to teach here.  I want to work at a University that harbors those with "open minds".   I made a deal to do this blog for a "monthly fee" BUT I did not agree to have OVER 70 of my ideas taken and tweaked.  Others have taken credit for MY idea's and I want to be compensated.  Also I did not expect to have my 1st Amendment tampered with and to be jailed, harassed and humiliated simply for blogging the TRUTH.  For that I want to be compensated.   

Please call my Lawyer.   Thank You!!!
Have a Great Day!!!

Peace and Respect
Sharyn Bovat 

Nissan and Renault

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