The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

Trisha Jung LEAF Team


“Anything that’s ‘fresh’ from Harvard usually has two

years worth of dust on it”
Sir, I GET IT.

The Leaf team has taken and “tweaked" too many of my thoughts.

This Preppy Elitist Plagiarism is Pathetic.

I’ve been bullied, harassed during this fight for Human Decency against NISSAN by a”Good Ole Boy” Network while the leaf team feasted on my “thoughts”.   

My website is copy written.  MANY viewers have told me which "thoughts" were used so I suggest you start putting my name on the “album” OR just tell NISSAN global to "end this".... I'm getting cranky ... call me 615-415-6675

Have A Great Day!!!!                     Sharyn

Oh.... I'm working on my next press release.

??? Reuter what do YOU think of this.  

Nissan Whistleblower Gives Santa a "Naughty" list and asks for Windfarms and Respect for ALL People

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