The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower 

to: Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

???  Do you want to have a "chalkboard fight" 

Sir, YOU are a messenger of ignorance and the "red state" IQ has dropped 30 pts since you went on the air.   Sadly "not the brightest" think that President Obama is not an American and a communist.   Maybe I should enlighten people  that we had a form of "Good Ole Boy" communism in Tennessee. 

Mr. Beck,   Get This!!! It took the "French" corporate leadership of
one of the largest  Japanese Automakers to give people in Tennessee the rights given to them under OUR amended American constitution. 

America This web site has been up for over 10 months.  If my "thoughts" were not good I would have been sued.   Do you realize that my web site could be considered a form of "Job Stimulus" for the legal industry.   It's been picked apart by some of the best firms in the country.    WOW!!!! 

Below I wrote a few months ago. I truly believe that everyone should have the "Freedom to Succeed".   

Mr. Beck....  Let's do that chalkboard fight.  I Dare You

Sir, My Arsenal is Fully Loaded and I'm ready to Play Ball. 

Have A Great Day!!!            Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~Love the Planet

For More read Freedom to Succeed

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